IT & Telecom Equipment Moving Services

Data center moving services

Data Center Moving Services

We can plan and execute—in tandem with your IT team or consultants—a stress-free relocation of single or multiple servers and other rack mounted equipment, entire racks and more. At PEP Move, our comprehensive data center moving services include:

  • Experienced project planning and management
  • Complete device de-racking and re-racking tech services
  • Adaptive methodologies to properly pack or crate and transport
  • Some of the industry’s highest insurance coverages
  • State of the art transport vehicles supporting GPS traceability
  • FACTA, HIPAA, HITECH and GLBA compliance
  • Armed security escort options
  • Comprehensive network cabling, patch as well as structured
  • Secure equipment storage if required

We have extensive experience moving sensitive and critical equipment including the following examples: Single server, Multiple servers, Server racks, Battery back-up systems, UPS units, Tape drives, Switches, Data arrays, Storage arrays, Blades, Optical storage, and more!

Data Center Relocation Process

We understand that every server and data center relocation is different, and we can handle any job that you need done—large or small.

Other data center moves include removing specific servers for expedited shipment to distant locations. No matter the extent of your data center or server move needs, our data center moving service always includes:

  • At least one pre-site visit
  • A careful plan developed with your team that fully meets your needs
  • Constant communication up to the designated data center relocation date
  • A smooth, efficient data center or server move on the date you set

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